Saturday, October 22, 2005

Homeless Grapevine 73 Storms Cleveland

The Homeless

3631 Perkins Ave #3A-3
Cleveland, OH 44114

Press release
For immediate release: October 22, 2005

For more information, call 216-432-0540, or email

Moving for social change with the speed and intensity of an F5 hurricane, the latest issue of The Homeless Grapevine has just made landfall in Cleveland! Our front page features an in-depth article detailing how Cleveland has gone out of its way to welcome roughly 660 new residents evacuated in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes. The article describes how social service agencies, outreach programs and more opened their arms to greet the victims of the largest natural disaster in US history, but strikes a poignant balance by asking why such compassion is lacking for people in Cleveland who were already homeless.

Our front page also examines the issues of sexually-based offenders and addresses the reality that the burden of care for such individuals is unfortunately falling on homeless shelters. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office registry of sexually-based offenders shows that nearly 100 such individuals list 2100 Lakeside as their primary address. Homeless shelters such as 2100 Lakeside bear the brunt of juggling the concerns of society and serving their mission to care for individuals in need.

Inside, readers will find continuing coverage of the conditions at the Community Women’s Shelter from an inside perspective, with the second installment of our exclusive series, “A Fly on the Wall.” This article examines the flaring tempers resulting from crowded conditions and hostility or misunderstanding from some members of the shelter’s staff. Readers will also be moved by the tale of a man who lived outside the shelter system and attributes his salvation to the caring individuals he encountered at Trinity Cathedral, Care Alliance, Joseph’s Home, Rosary Hall, and more.

Issue 73 also invites our readership to participate and provide feedback with our 2005 Reader’s Survey. One area that will undoubtedly receive positive feedback is our latest Editorial. The Editorial details the lessons of Hurricane Katrina and describes the catastrophic failures of government in emergency management, and in addressing the myriad issues and realities of poverty in the United States.

As always, Northeast Ohio’s street newspaper has much more to offer, including state and local updates, insightful original commentaries, poetry, photography, and more. One poem, titled “Fuck the World,” has already sparked controversy. The food vendors at the West Side Market have objected to the paper being sold behind the Market over concern about the poem and its bold title.

Grapevine Editor Brian Davis said, “A homeless individual wrote a poem expressing his anger with the world and we give great leeway to the freedom of expression and thought in our paper. It is only a word, and that word has never invaded a country, undermined democracy, or caused anyone to become homeless. Other papers that are free at the West Side Market feature pages of scantily-clad women promoting questionable morality.”
Check out Cleveland’s voice for social justice and free speech! The Homeless Grapevine is always available at the West Side Market, from a local licensed vendor, or at the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless offices.


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