Friday, November 11, 2005

Fake News Leads

On Thursday November 10, our high energy hero, Ed "Jimmy Olsen" Gallek created news where there was none with his story of Cleveland Police Patrol cars sitting in high crime neighborhoods--and this was the lead story. First, how is this news? Second, who cares? Third, how about a shot of Ed Gallek urinating on an empty police car in a high crime area--that would be news?

The whole story was confused in that it was not clear whether we were supposed to believe that this was good or bad. There were no studies, no other police forces interviewed. Just a few anonymous "Man on the Street" interviews walking down the street who thought that "it was a stupid idea." Again, who cares what some stranger says about this policy? Hey, how about an interview with a convicted criminal from jail asking if they are deterred by empty police cars? Gallek had the nerve to throw in a line about the need for manned cop cars instead to deter crime. When did we allow some silly reporter to start adding commentary to news stories with no balance from the other side? We have a new Mayor, rising crime, schools in trouble, and this is the lead story during sweeps? There isn't even any sex or blood in this one. Either go all the way with the tabloid angle or do real news--(Channel 19+43 =Channel 62?), but this fake news is wrong all the way around.



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