Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hold the Vanilla With My Morning Coffee

Plain Dealer Story Misses the Point

This morning the Plain Dealer had a story about a strip club and the City possibly helping to relocate the club to another location. I am the one who gave the Plain Dealer this story, I just wish that someone else had written the article. I have never been a big fan of Susan Vanilla's skills as a journalist, and this story reinforces my belief she often misses the big picture. The story was what will happen to the 150 guys who sleep at Aviation High School every night. The real story was that the City and County have struggled with this for over one year, missed a few deadlines at this point, and have not resolved the issue. Who the hell cares about a strip club unless this is a big stomping ground for neighbors like bored reporters from Cleveland's only daily?

There are huge changes ahead if and when Aviation closes, and I am sure people would read the story without the sex angle added. What makes a shelter so unsafe that the feds want it closed because it is near the airport? Will Cleveland turn away from the guaranteed access to shelter because of overcrowded conditions when Aviation closes and there is no overflow? How many more people will choose to sleep on Superior Ave. after Aviation closes? Who is making these decisions and have homeless people commented on this plan? Why would the County not ask any experts (maybe like homeless people who actually sleep at the shelter) to review the plan? What is the largest shelter going to look like after closing Aviation and adding another 60 guys who do not want to join a program or work with a social worker? How can we afford to pay so much for the motel, when the women's shelter still needs to be made into a real shelter and not just two buildings that happen to be next to each other? I could go on with the good questions that could be asked, but I wish the Plain Dealer had asked them and not focused on the stupid strip club.


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Blogger Kevin E. Cleary said...

Perhaps the Plain Dealer is presuming that strip clubs and the Cleveland Clinic will be the City's only employers in a few more years.

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