Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Plain Dealer Features Grapevine Photography Program

Cleveland's own Minister of Culture, Michael Heaton, wrote an excellent piece in the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday about the ODDC (Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council) -funded Grapevine Photography program. Heaton interviewed several of the students for the piece, as well as social justice photographer Steve Cagan, and me.

I thought Heaton did an excellent job weaving all of the elements of the story together, and he was extremely personable and friendly during the interview and in other conversations. I've only seen the version of the story published on Cleveland.com, so I didn't get to see which photos ran with the piece in yesterday's paper (I was out of town), but I definitely enjoyed the article.

  • Works by homeless photographers on display

  • Anyway, check it out if you get a chance, or swing by Phoenix Coffee on Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland to check out the photos. -Kevin

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    Blogger Cynthia Miller said...

    What a thrill to see those photos on the front page of Arts & Life!!!!!

    I bought the Sunday paper and was disappointed the pix and article weren't there.

    When I went out today, the coordinator of Terrace Towers where Gary and I live called me into the office and showed me the article (w/pix) that he posted on his bulletin board. He seemed proud to know us and was always envious of the fact we were taking the class and were given the cameras to keep.

    The photos that appeared were of Downtown Cleveland which I refer to as "The View From The Hood" with a photo insert of Gary. The largest photo on the front page was the one that Jerome took of the man sleeping on Superior Ave. and the passer-by. Jerome's picture was inserted and a cutout photo on Steve Cagan was at the bottom of the front page copy. Jerome's photo "Three People" that he took at West Side Catholic Center appeared on Page D3.

    Michael Heaton was absolutely wonderful and respectful to us and obviously interested - he called and talked to Gary two or three times wanting more information.

    This type of positive publicity most definitely showcases the type of help and advocacy programs that NEOCH has to offer. It also sheds a positive light on the homeless and formerly homeless.

    Let's keep up this momentum. This feature was the type of shot in the arm NEOCH needed.

    Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU KEVIN!!!!!! for having the foresight and taking the incentive to write the grant application and asking Gary and I to participate.

    I'm certain that when Gary wakes in the morning he will take another photo of................a sunrise!

    Cindy Miller
    Digital photography class participant.

    12:52 AM  
    Blogger Homeless Grapevine said...

    I'd love to take credit for writing the application, but that was done by our shared development director, Denise Cooper, whose praises I cannot sing enough.

    I'm excited to see the article in real-life print, which I still haven't managed to do yet. I'm definitely looking forward to doing this again next year. -Kevin

    5:59 PM  
    Blogger Cynthia Miller said...

    Well, OOPS! Many Cudos to Denise then!

    I would love to help in any way I can regarding next year's program!

    Perhaps a field trip for the class participants? I would love to help with that!

    6:28 PM  

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