Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Much News Will You Force Us to Watch??

Here is a sweeps weeks trick that I saw on Channel 43 at the 10 p.m. newscast. They teased a story that was "only on" their 11 p.m. news on Channel 19. So, we were watching the one hour long news on Channel 43, but we had to stay for the following half hour on their "sister" station to get even more news. This involved having to sit through the same weather, the same lead stories to find that one "new" story.

If the FCC were a real regulatory organization, they would not allow these joint operating agreements between two precious and limited free broadcast outlets. But then to have one outlet withhold news and force the viewer to tune into the other broadcast is criminal. How do we take these guys serious if they are doing commercials for their own entertainment shows and passing that off as news; having news reporters advertise news on their other station; and doing fake news stories about new products or trends that are actually product placement news? They have turned news into at best a commodity and at worst a platform for selling goods and services.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad used to make fun of that when I was a kid. "Meteor minutes from Earth? Story at eleven!"

7:12 PM  

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