Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Few Updates

Mayor's Visit, Red Cross Month, and Bear the Police Dog

Channel 3 did an excellent overview of the Mayor touring the shelters. Beres made the point the Mayor said that he wanted to be judged on how the City treats the least of us, and he was following up on that pledge. Good story and good digging out that story since neither NEOCH or the City did a press release before the event. If we could just convince them to get rid of non-news from their program (sports, weather, entertainment) it may be worth sitting through the commercials. On second thought, no. Full coverage of the day at the Clevelandhomeless blog.

Sorry, we have not posted for a week, but it has been a very busy week.

Sun Press News Courier Herald...
There was a small piece (big for Sun News--small for the NY Times) about a split vote over the proclamation of Red Cross month in Cleveland Hts. Three out of the Seven council people voted against the resolution. What an embarrassment for the Red Cross. A symbolic act that means absolutely bubkis passed on a 4 to 3 vote. If I were the Red Cross, I would have asked that the resolution not come to the Council to avoid the embarrassment. I would provide a link, but could not find it on their website.

Which brings me to the poor state of the Sun News on the web. Please separate from at your earliest opportunity. It takes forever to get to the Sun Section of, and then only a limited number of stories are available. They also do not have a good way to search just the Sun News or to see a flavor for the news across all neighborhoods. You have to go to each Sun news paper that you want to read and then read the headlines--"Is Independence part of the Sun Herald or is it part of the Courier, forget it?"

Dog Bark Busts thieves
Why is that no media mentioned how great it was to have Commander Wayne Drummond as a resident of the City of Cleveland, so that while he was walking his dog he could solve crimes? During this last week, Drummond was out in his neighborhood off duty from his job as Commander of the Sixth District, walking his dog when he spotted two teenagers breaking into a car. Doesn't this undermine the argument by the police that ending the residency rule will have no impact on the City? The story was only mentioned as a cheers and jeers in the Plain Dealer, and there was no mention of the residency rule. If we allow the police to move out of their city of employment as the State legislature recently voted, "Bear" the Dog might never have received his cheer from the PD.


Blogger John Ryan said...

Tom Beres does a good job really covering the real Cleveland, doesn't he?

It's good to see that Mayor Jackson took the time now to tour the shelters. The Mayor is turning down a lot of requests so this shows that his actions match his words, not a surprise from someone who cares deeply about people who live in poverty. I would recommend other civic leaders and elected officials taking a night out of their schedule as I did a few years ago. The homeless shelter tour taught me a lot and helped me work harder at getting our Community Hiring Hall started. Maybe your organization could get quotes from other civic leaders who took the tour.

Keep up the good work.

John Ryan, Cleveland AFL-CIO

12:00 PM  

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