Saturday, February 25, 2006

Not Much Local News

Is WKYC Channel 3 the Only Real News Station?

Why was WKYC TV the only television station to play the full State of the City Address by the Mayor? This seems like it is an important enough event that other stations should have broadcast the entire speech. I was not home, but did watch it on their website. I am not sure if it was only on their webcast or if they showed it on TV as well, but it was good that they felt it was important enough to have the entire speech broadcast. Thank you, but next time how about leaving the three partisans at home. We don't need to hear from Patmon, Weingard, and Eckhart. Three former politicians are the wrong people to comment on the state of the city. If anything they are part of the past that helped get us in the state we are in. How about hearing from a few teachers, or a janitor, laborer, and a temp. worker on their reflections on the Mayor's speech? Next time, maybe. I still think Tom Beres is the best of the television reporters.



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