Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thank You to the Plain Dealer

Plain Dealer Story on our Quarterly Teach In

A big thanks to the Plain Dealer for the story about our Teach In from Monday 2/27/06. The article talked about the number of churches that go down to Public Square and attempt to feed homeless people. This is a huge issue considering the number of people who need food who stay at 2100 Lakeside and the Community Women's Shelter. Harvard Study Group Coordinator, Jane Campbell, first raised this issue. It is troubling that she never followed up. We certainly do need some coordination of these services. We need some order Downtown, and we need the churches, synagogues, and mosques to take back the leadership of solving homelessness. For too long they have been relegated to handing out band aids when they need to be the lead neurosurgeon on this problem.

Anyway, the Teach In was successful with 42 people attending. A good panel of homeless people and some wonderful information from the local homeless services providers. We are updating our website to reflect some of these ideas for volunteers in the community. Next one will focus on homeless women look for more details on our website.



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