Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Troy Smith Day in Cleveland

ESPN Body Slams Cleveland

Today is Troy Smith Day in Cleveland!!! We do not usually comment on sports or sports news in this space, but don't worry this is poverty related. Troy Smith is the Ohio State quarterback who recently won the Heisman Trophy. As most know, he is the former standout from Glenville High School. Today the Mayor honored him with the key to the City, and he is poised to take a national championship in college football.

On Saturday night, Troy Smith was in New York City as the expected winner of the highest award in college football. ESPN covered the ceremony under the theory that some people will watch anything having to do with sports. ESPN, certainly the finest journalists in sports, did a profile of each of the three candidates for the Heisman. The Smith profile was the most insulting piece on Cleveland ever on television. They tried to show how Smith had overcome adversity to rise to the national stage. ESPN portrayed the absolute worst aspects of Cleveland, and the images were Texas Chainsaw Massacre scary scenes. Cleo Busby of ACT said that he thought a goat was going to appear strolling down the road in Glenville like Smith had grown up in a third world country.

Not that the public should expect much from an all sports network, but someone in Cleveland should raise a stink about this Horatio Hornblower story at our expense. They spread it on thick, and made Cleveland look like Hell on Earth. ESPN needs the rabid fans of Cleveland more than we need ESPN.

Brian Davis


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Cleveland isn't Hell on Earth?

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