Saturday, October 07, 2006

Now You Can Feel Safe at the Airport?

Cleveland's own Tabloid TV station is at it again!

Boasting that, in January, Channel 19--Tabloid TV "challenged "Mayor Jackson to do something about the homeless sleeping at the airport," Friday night they reported that Cleveland Hopkins airport is now enforcing an old trespassing law prohibiting anyone from being in the terminal unless they are flying or are picking up someone.

Included in this 'piece' was a past interview with a woman who said she had no choice but to be there because she lost everything she owned. Another clip from May showed a homeless man sleeping on the floor surrounded by bags of his belongings with the reporter telling him to "clean this up a little bit."

Acknowledging that the city needed time because of wanting "to team up with mental health workers and others" and that the Hopkins representative interviewed had said that they didn't want to "target the homeless but get them the services that they need," 'Ace' reporter, Jimmy Olsen, couldn't resist making this last comment... "Next time you go out there to take a trip or pick someone up, you no longer have to feel like you have to keep looking over your shoulder."

Seems like I should be fearfully looking over my shoulder for those self-proclaimed 'honest and fair' reporters from Tabloid TV rather than the homeless. After all, unlike the homeless, the Tabloid TV team are (shhhhhhhhhhhhh) 'EVERYWHERE!'

Homeless Grapevine writer


Blogger Clevehomeless said...

I heard this report as well, and could not understand what this young reporter was talking about. Why would you have to look over your shoulder because there were homeless people? He needs to take a sensitivity class and maybe a journalism course to learn that reporters are not supposed to judge people as criminals for purely innocent behavior of sleeping in public. Ed Gallek is just a horrible reporter who peddles slime instead of facts.

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