Sunday, January 14, 2007

Always Trying to Pick a Fight

Channel 19 Hates Cleveland

I really believe that all the harm done to Cleveland by federal policies, foreclosures, NAFTA, and the Ohio Legislature apartheid system for funding schools are high on the list, but Channel 19 is certainly in the top 10. This tabloid news channel spreads more fear than the other stations combined. They condemn the administration on a regular basis even though the last two Mayors were very responsive to their tabloid demands. Jackson cleaned up the airport at the urging of Jimmy Olsen at Channel 19, and Campbell passed the panhandling ordinance at the behest of the station.

They routinely spread fear about crime waves, and feature the worst of our society. They routinely demand changes in the law, but never compliment the government for bowing to their wishes. They are an obstacle to progress and are an insult to the First Amendment. The most shameful aspect of all of this is that they boast being the number one television news broadcast. Now, I realize that they spin ratings, but how is this even remotely possible?



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