Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid Local Media Story for the Week

Channel 19 News is at it again with finishing another week with the title of Champion for passing the bizarre off as news with their urinal cake in the OJ story. Apparently, a professor bought an OJ from a local fast food restaurant in a western suburb of Cleveland, and was ready to take a big gulp while taking some medicine when he found a one of those pink cakes from the urinal to make it smell better floating in the top of his OJ. The smart ass reporter made what should have been a 20 second story into "an investigative report." He sent a secret camera in to buy an orange juice without the urinal cake. Went into the bathrooms to make the startling discovery that this fast food restaurant did not use urinal cakes.

The big problem was that a whole bunch of questions were never answered. While the reporter was busy investigating, real questions went unanswered. For example:

1. Do urinal cakes really float or is that just for OJ?
2. Is this a case of one fast food joint attempting to ruin the business of another?
3. Since no one would take a used urinal cake out, this was most likely a new cake. Is a new urinal cake really harmful?
4. Does a urinal cake turn the OJ a different color?
5. Why doesn't this fast food place use urinal cakes, anyway?
6. Since the last product tampering case turned out to be false, shouldn't the reporter have scrutinized the person who found the urinal cake?

Our own Jimmy Olsen could have done a much better job.


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