Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Plain Dealer in Record Time

Sixteen Minutes to Look at the Entire Sunday PD

Record time to plow through the entire Sunday Plain Dealer hoping to find a piece of journalism or opinion piece that is engaging. I start out in the "Forum" section, which is actually hard to find these days. Debate on residency law interesting in the letters, but everything else boring or badly written or both. Go to the metro section again very little of interest. Maybe one story that was of any interest. Then the voluminous front page section, and not one thing interesting. Don't pay then you do not get to play with Petro--Is that news? How about an expose' on the fact that men dominate the play by play announcing in major American sports? Or dedication of some ink to the revelation that America is not held in high regard in the world? Anyway, some promising headlines in the front section but nothing panned out. Nothing in Arts or that hip section called PDQ. And finally Business and Sports were a waste of space this week.

A new record 16 minutes to get all the way through the entire paper. There is no way it is worth $1.50. I keep hoping that maybe there will be something of interest in all those pages. Something funny or that keeps my attention beyond the headline or something that is captivating. I want to know about the new Mayor settling in. I want to know about county development plans, efforts to bring jobs to Cleveland, or interesting people who are making change. How about a look at how all these boring stories in the front section effect Cleveland? How are the elderly doing with the new Medicaid rules in Slavic Village or at Riverview apartments? I want to know what Campbell is doing now. What is happening in the fight against AIDS in our community or TB? There are just so many interesting stories, and I just have to wonder on Saturday night when they put this paper to bed are they proud of the content or is it just another job? In the age of the internet: content is king. If you cannot give us original content that we cannot find a thousand other places you will die. I want those 16 minutes back by the way.



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