Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let the Sweeps Weeks Begin

The Tabloid TV Station Opens with a Body Check

Sweeps weeks opens with Channel 19 out for blood and it does not matter if an intern gets hurt. They had the nerve to do a live feed from in front of Fox 8 headquarters off East 55th to bring us the hot story that months ago an intern was sexually assaulted. This is a horrible crime that should not be cheapened for ratings during sweeps weeks. Would this have made the news if this intern at any other company in the city, and would the story have been held until February sweeps weeks? The "report" allowed some cheap shots at the competition under the guise of caring about a young intern.

Again, we have the issue of creating news where it does not really exist, which seems to be an epidemic at Channel 19. The worst was the soap opera style re-enactment of the events. [By the way, we are not watching these painful assaults on television news, but downloading them online.] If William Randolph Hearst were alive and involved in television, he would own a Action 19 News in every city in America. If the attack on Fox 8 is the first of sweeps week, what do we have to look forward to with future broadcasts? A human sacrifice or maybe just a re-enactment of an execution?



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