Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two Quick Points on Local Media

Praise for Scene and WCPN Still Needs Work

Just so we are not accused of only presenting negative impressions of the local press. There were actually three good articles in this week's Scene Magazine. Three is my personal threshold for "worth the price of admission." Yes, you are saying that those publications are free, but that would be wrong. I always have to wade through an overwhelming amount of advertising fat to get to some red meat. Anyway, good article about the museum and the bad decision to close for one year or more. I hate having the museum closed. I truly miss it. If there were only an Aquarium in town that I could go to? The one thing they missed in the story is how can we afford a new prom dress for the Art Museum at the same time MOMA is going to move? I am sure that somehow they are going to stick all of us with the tab. What about a rule out of the parent's handbook for all playgrounds (artistic or otherwise) that once they turn eighteen they are on their own?

The second good story was the story of the cops protecting their own. Actually, any story with a Terry Gilbert quote is good. How much do you want to bet that you can choose a Terry Gilbert silhouette for target practice at the local Cop shooting range? They do a good job for the most part, I just wish that they would root out the bad cops on their own, and not defend those with anger or race issues.

The third story was about the car dealerships scam of jacking up a person's credit score after they leave the lot. This was a good story because my old work neighbor Phil Althouse was quoted. Props to a good lawyer fighting the good fight. On the scale of scummiest jobs on the planet car salesman is number 4, so what do you expect? Still a good story.

T__ed t_ lis_en to WC_N, but th__ kep_ __tting in _nd _ut

Paul Hackett was on WCPN this morning and they still have not corrected their technical problems. It still keeps cutting in and out. Embarrassing. Hackett sounded good and will be tough competition for Brown. Dan, when you summarize a person's answer try to make it less confusing not more. For example"So your answer is 'yes'." If it takes more words to summarize the point then the original answer, you have stopped communicating effectively.



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