Friday, March 24, 2006

Where did this Euclid Story Come From??

Media Drops the Ball of Euclid Voting Rights Story

So, the Bush Justice Department has filed a complaint about voting problems in Euclid, Ohio. This is the first African American discrimination complaint filed by the Bush administration in Civil Rights division of the justice department. There was a 2001 complaint that was started during the Clinton administration, and a suit against African Americans suppressing white votes in Mississippi. It must be really bad in Euclid if the Bush administration is actually acting. So, how is that I have not heard anything about this problem from our local media? These slackers at Justice picked one city in the entire United States to come down on so that it seemed like they were actually doing something before Congressional hearings begin in April, and this is the first I heard about problems in Euclid?

I talked to a few other people who read the daily paper every day, and no one had heard of this problem in Euclid until today. Imagine that we had all those voter suppression activities in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, and this is the first complaint filed by the Justice Department. There has never been an African American selected for the Euclid City Council despite one-third of the population are African American. We need the PD and public radio get on these kind of stories before they are broken by the Bush Administration.



Blogger Ed C:\> said...

So what's the complaint? That there is finally a real voter-supression case in Ohio? Hey, maybe there's a valid claim here.

Or is it your problem that Justice came off with it on their own, without someone screaching how it cost someone a presidential election?

You don't even know what it is about and you start making claims on how it is politically motivated "so that it seemed like they were actually doing something". Isn't this, well, actually doing something? Something you would normally want?

That shows bias. Pure and simple.

You hate Bush, so even if the Klan were drawing up districts to keep their bretheren in power it must be a good thing, right?

1:50 AM  
Blogger Clevehomeless said...

No, maybe I was not writing clearly. My complaint was with the local media. Why is the Bush Justice Department the first to give us this story about possible problems in Euclid? I am glad the Civil Rights division is finally doing something about voter suppression activities, but why didn't the PD or one of the other media outlets break this story?

It seems strange that right before scheduled Congressional hearings on the inactivity of the Civil Rights Division they find a case. Besides, this is a blog of a progressive social justice organization--of course there is bias.

9:32 AM  

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