Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Homeless Coalition Annual Meeting

Coalition to Give Out Award for the Journalist of the Year

Tickets are available for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Annual Meeting. There will be the best collection ever of quality reporters in one location in Cleveland. The Coalition is giving the Journalist of the Year award to Tom Beres of Channel 3. Also, outstanding journalist, Renita Jablonski of WKSU will be the host for the evening. Grapevine staff and writers will be present at the event rounding out the collection of great journalists gathering in one room.

The Grapevine also assisted in judging a poetry contest for the Annual Event. The two winners will be present at the Wine and Words annual meeting and will read their poetry. All the top submissions will be published in the next Grapevine (Issue 76).

Time is running out to sign up for the Coalition for the Homeless Annual Event "Wine and Words." If you want your name listed in the Annual Report reservations need to be in by Friday. Final Reservations need to be made by next Thursday May 4 at http://www.neoch.org/annual_event_signupform2006.htm.
May 5 at Massimo da Milano 6 p.m. Wine Tasting and 7 pm the event starts at the Corner of West 25th and Detroit Ave.

The Evening will feature:
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Hosted by Renita Jablonski of WKSU-FM
  • Winners of the NEOCH/Grapevine Poetry competition
  • A few words from Phyllis Cleveland Ward 5 City Council Member
  • Awards to Tom Beres of Channel 3 for Journalist of the Year
  • Advocate of the Year: Marcia Bufford
  • Volunteers of the Year: Michael Ferrell and Michael Shapiro who volunteer for Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance.
  • Fine Italian food from Massimo da Milano
  • And a look back at the last year by the Coalition for the Homeless staff and
  • Board.
For information, please call Teri' Horne at NEOCH at 216/432-0540



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Anonymous michelle jordan said...

My name is Michelle Jordan,I am trying to find how I can become involved in the one family scholar program. How I found out about the program is, that I was homeless living in the Boston area and I was trying to continue my education. Since then I have moved back to Ohio where I now reside with my daughter. I am currently enrolled at Sinclair Community College where I plan to major in Social Work. I would love to become a part of this program please tell me how. Thanks you so much. e-mail/ michelle6929@sbcglobal.net

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