Thursday, April 06, 2006

Delores Manley's Idea for Improving Cleveland

Clean up the abandoned buildings and renovate them into small apartments and let the people who cannot afford high-price rent pay what they can afford. For a small room, include utilities and use the money for cleaning and renovating other buildings and so on. Even though there are homeless people out there in the city of Cleveland, at one time they had jobs like contractors, remodelers, plumbers, and etc., but their luck has gotten the best of them. These people do know how to fix up businesses, paint, etc. And have job training in the buildings where people reside, so there would be no need for them to pay for transportation or worry about the weather.

My example of how renovating abandoned buildings will work: if a person could pay at least $100.00 a month and the building has 13 rooms for rent then that will be $1300.00 paid every month on the small loan for materials for remodeling, taxes on the building, etc. What is left over can be put into a fund to buy and rehabilitate more properties. Also take donations for buildings being fixed up and have job training in the building so the tenants can eventually find better jobs and move into nicer places. In the mean time, the owners of these buildings would see $1300 a month coming in, instead of a vacant building that is just costing money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a great idea. Have you had any luck with your city council and Mayor Jackson.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Tim Ferris said...

Sounds a lot more sensible than CMHA. We live next door to one of the smaller buildings, and have since 1983, and we know there must be a better way.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Homeless Grapevine said...

Some more comments have been posted in response to this article on Brewed Fresh Daily. Thanks again to Brewed Fresh for posting Delores's idea. -Kevin

The additional comments can be found

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