Saturday, May 06, 2006

Successful Annual Event

Awards, Gifts, A Look Back and a Look Forward

The big news from last night's NEOCH Annual Meeting that was well worth the price of admission was the reaction of Kevin Cleary winning the gift certificate for some free automobile gas. The Coalition gave out the awards for Volunteers of the Year to two attorneys who volunteer with the Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program--Michael Shapero and Michael Farrell. Marcia Bufford was named advocate of the year because of her six years on the board and her previous work as a VISTA with NEOCH. Tom Beres was named Journalist of the Year by the Coalition for his consistently fair treatment of homeless people over the years.

Beres gave an acceptance speech about how grateful he was to receive this award. He talked about the current state of the media. He said that he always tries to treat people with respect including those down on their luck. Beres talked about one of the previous blog entries posted on this web diary. He talked a great deal about his attempt maintain ethical standards in his reporting. He also mentioned his most recent story about homelessness when he caught up with the Mayor while he toured the local shelters. Renita Jablonsky, a great reporter in her own right, acted as host for the evening. She did a great job with keeping the event flowing, and introduced Tom Beres.

Phyllis Cleveland said a few words as the new Council person from Ward 5 even though she was not feeling well. She felt that this was an important event, and came out while trying to recover from a bug. The crowd and Board were very appreciative of the kind words by freshman Councilwoman Cleveland. We got to catch up with old friends during the wine tasting.

The Coalition presented their Annual Report including highlights from last year and a brief look at the future. This will be available on the website in the very near future. Overall, it was a great event. The 50/50 raffle was successful especially when the Rasey's donated their winnings back to the Coalition. Teri' Horne, Denise Cooper, Johanna Keenan, and Meg Wilson did a tremendous amount of work to put the meeting together. Good music, good food, and good company--wish you were there.



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