Monday, January 09, 2006

Our Reader Representative is On Vacation???

What happened to the PDs Reader Representative?

"Reader Representative Ted Diadiun fields your complaints (and compliments), answers your questions, explains the newspaper's decisions to you and carries your concerns to the folks who produce The Plain Dealer every day. He writes a weekly column that is published in the newspaper on Sundays and responds to your comments on this blog."
So, is our reader reprentative sleeping on the job? He has not posted anything since December 12, 2005. If he is my representative, I do not remember giving him an entire month off? I do not remember approving that long of a vacation. I usually have about two and half weeks of available vacation that I do not have time to take at the end of the year. My philosophy is that if you have the ability to take more than three weeks off in a row, then your job is not really necessary. This is sad that the Plain Dealer does not respect the readers more.

There were a lot of problems over the last month that we could have used help with. I sent him a question about apologizing for the Taft endorsement. I also asked about the use of City Mission in the Holiday Spirit campaign since they are a private evangelical organization with no public oversight. Bill Callahan posted something over this weekend about the PD not mentioning the owner of the West Virginia Mine Disaster on their pages. Why has the PD not done more about the Bob Ney scandal and how that may touch other Ohio Republicans? Did the PD handle the problems Pilla had in his tenure properly in the 25 year retrospective stories? The last post was concerning Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas on the same day, and how should the PD handle this problem. Who Cares? We need a reader representative who addresses the problems with the only newspaper in our town, and does not take four weeks off.



Blogger Kevin E. Cleary said...

My question is, would the public be better informed or less informed if The Plain Dealer were to take a month-long vacation?

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