Friday, January 06, 2006

Slow News Night...Pick on Homeless People

Jimmy Olsen Questions Homeless Sleeping at the Airport

Our cities best reporter is at it again picking on homeless people sleeping at the airport. Why hasn't Fox News picked this guy up yet? Ed "Jimmy Olsen" Gallek broke the troubling story of homeless people sleeping at the airport--NEXT TO YOUR BAGGAGE!!!! They actually said "next to your baggage." I added the large letters and the four exclamation marks.

First, a few issues with the substance of the story:
1. Why would a homeless person steal your bags when they have a good place to sleep that is warm for the night, and the police are not harassing them?
2. Were there any problems with bags being taken at a higher rate in Cleveland then say Pittsburgh? Or is this just a slow night and we need someone to pick on and homeless people were an easy target?
3. Aren't there similar issues in other cities, so who really cares?
4. Aren't these people just trying to survive, and so we begrudge them some space at the airport where they are not bothering anyone?
5. The woman on the streets or in this case in the airport said, "Sure, I worry for my kids." Your honor, I object to his leading the witness!

So, we established that Cleveland's Jimmy Olsen has no integrity, no ethics, is a big fan of closed doors, and now is willing to pick on the poor and defenseless on a slow night. Little Eddy Gallek is rocketing up the rankings in the presentation of the Shameless Man of the last 12 months.

The result of all this will be that police will crack down on homeless people who are not bothering anyone at the airport, because the Channel 19 attempt to make news. Those individuals will have to find another place to exist in our community. Shouldn't the police be working on something of substance like stopping crime? The new Mayor will eventually have to say something because Cleveland's own unfunny fake news is waiting for answers. All because of a slow night in the news department. How we long for the days of gangland killings, mob hits, or Browns players arrested for DWI.



Blogger Ed C:\> said...

Hey, like your Ed Gallek tribute page.

Seriously though, aren't homeless stories in the middle of winter good for you guys? The homeless issue is the kind that people generally don't want to think about, mostly because it will always be with us. It doesn't go away. It's like a black hole for the heart.

It's so depressing a subject, that, like our Congressional candidates, any publicity is good publicity.

Perhaps the airport guys should, upon being ejected from the airport, find something close by the television station to move into.

Now, if there's one thing that the people of Ohio have no problem doing, its housing criminal offenders. And I'm sure the press would love to help out these guys with shelter by calling the police.

Pay attention to this because it's an honest philisophical question: Would the criminalization of homelessness be of benefit to the homeless? Three squares and a warm bed during the harshest of our winters?

NOTE: I put the question up for discussion - I do not necessarily endorse the idea.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Clevehomeless said...

No, the Jimmy Olsen stories portray homeless people as criminals and people to be suspicious of. They are not good for homeless people.

Criminalization of homelessness already takes place. Just visit a few of the shelters in the community and you will see that they are run very much like a prison. Even though Cleveland is not on the 20 Meanest Cities list, many homeless people will tell you that a shelter is only a small step away from a prison.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Kevin E. Cleary said...

I think if we really want to draw attention to the plight of homeless people, we should give them prop doors so Ed Gallek will actually talk to them. -kev

5:52 PM  

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