Saturday, December 31, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different...Static

Has Anybody Noticed How Technically Flawed WCPN has Become Since the Move?

"Announcer: You probably noticed that I didn't say, 'And now for something completely different,' just now. This is simply because, I am unable to appear in the show this week. Sorry to interrupt."

Can we request that WCPN move back to the studios on Chester Ave? Since the move to Euclid Ave there is noise, long pauses, static, crackles, and fade outs. It would seem that moving to snobby Playhouse Square, the yuppies that walk by to watch radio?? in the new studios would not tolerate all that noise. I appreciate commercial free public radio, but all the smooth announcers (Baer, Babin, and Jablonski) have moved on so at least we could have a technically sound broadcast. I mean with the newbies at the station stumbling and free-falling through the news at least we should not have to put up with all the other noise. The worst new trend, however, is putting Plain Dealer columnists on the air. Just because you have an opinion that you put down on paper does not mean that you can host a radio show. Keep those guys and gals over on Superior Ave at Plain Dealer Press and Prognosticators Plaza. There is a skill to keeping a radio show moving and getting the information from a guest or caller in a brief but not insulting manner (see Neal Conan--Talk of the Nation). These Plain Dealer columnists force me to turn to the jarring commercial saturated land of Jerry Springer. I hate commercial radio. It is so distracting to talk for 12 minutes about Iraq and then listen to five minutes of appliances, bars, and cars.

Kit Jensen--you have big time homework for the new year: Fix the technical flaws at the new studio, hire a lot of new talent, and tell the PD columnists if they want to be on the radio call in like the rest of us. (If you feel bad for Feagler, put him in that glass studio on Euclid and tell him that he is podcasting all day, and see how long it takes for him to realize his mic. is not on. My guess is 8 months since his ego will be satisfied that people walk by all day and watch him as he talks and waves.)



Blogger Kevin E. Cleary said...

I've also noticed that NPR is a lot quieter than all of the other stations. I keep NPR on in my car all week, but I don't like their weekend programming. Invariably, I had the volume all the way up so I could hear the station and the jump to another preset station nearly deafens me every time.

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