Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Irresponsible Journalism

Almost Made it Through Sweeps!!

Sweeps week ends this week, and we almost made it without a blatant attack by the local media on homeless people. Leave it to Channel 19 to stick it to homeless people for ratings. With the recent attacks on homeless people and the insurance scam resulting in the murder of two in LA over the last month, one would think homeless people would deserve a break. Jimmy Olsen and the crew at Channel 19 are just embarrassing to the profession. Can't the real journalists in the city take action and condemn these guys? I mean if a psychiatrist is constantly acting like a fool in public the licensing board would suspend then prevent the psychiatrist from ever practicing.

Jimmy Olsen was at it again with homeless people sleeping at the airport. He even told one guy to clean up and said that this guy sleeping at the airport smelled. Is this really necessary? What kind of crazy journalism is this? The Mayor was great: saying things are happening, and just because no one told Channel 19 does not mean nothing is happening. The worst part of these stories is the interview with the terrified pedestrian-- "Man on the street" stuff. A woman was afraid to actually sit down on a bench because of the number of homeless people at the airport. I kid you not. The airport has to be the most stressful place on the planet. We have terrorists, problems with the airplane, fear of being forced to sit in the middle seat between a drooler and an insurance salesperson, and now the fear of sitting on a bench after a homeless person, all taking place at the airport. They have no shame.

What would Mayor Olsen have the real Mayor do arrest homeless people for purely innocent behavior? If the police arrested these airport sleepers, then the Coalition would sue. The City would be in court for a couple of years and then discussions of real solutions would be impossible with all the lawyers in the way. The other news readers and reporters need to separate themselves from these jokers at Channel 19. Jimmy Olsen gives the entire profession a bad name.



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