Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rough Weekend to Watch TV

Al-Zarqawi Death and Autopsy

On every channel, both local and national news, we had five days of All Zarqawi all the time. Why the framed picture of a dead terrorist? Why the excruciating detail about everything from the autopsy, to the mission, to the final moments. I had to tune it all out. I was afraid that any minute they were going to string Zarqawi upside down in the middle of the green zone. I was sure that they were going to announce that American forces were going to walk by and spit on him and throw rotten fruit at him. Certainly not a high point for the American media who feasted on death, blood, and the rain of bombs on top of the terrorist. Isn't this jubilation over death similar to the terrorist's reaction to their exploits?



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