Friday, July 21, 2006

Free Press vs. Dawg Pound

Browns Retaliate Against Bogus News Station

This is a real tough one for us here. As you know, we at the Homeless Grapevine hate Channel 19 and the Homeless Coalition boycotts this tabloid news station. Now, we find ourselves in a difficult situation over the freedom to report the news.

It seems that two weeks ago the only station in town to broadcast the 9-1-1 tapes of Al Lerner's relative calling for help over the drowning of his niece was Channel 19. The fake news channel decided that the viewers must hear the anguish, fear, and sadness of a prominent Cleveland family. This angered the owner of the Browns so much that he cancelled Channel 19's contract to broadcast the pre season games and all access and the designation of official local station of the Cleveland Browns. I am sure that the Browns warned the networks not to broadcast the tapes, and only 19 wanted the ratings so much that they went forward.

The Browns are not the best corporate citizens in the world, and Channel 19 is the worst news in Ohio. Do we support the freedom to broadcast anything that is news worthy even it is a little creepy and voyeuristic? Or do we support the Browns for taking a stand with a station that long ago crossed the line? Will the other stations stand by the Channel 19 or jump at the chance to broadcast the games? This is a silly question, because principled stands went out with button shoes. Every other station will jump at the chance to broadcast the games.

I can't decide which evil is worse. We will take a pass on this, but it is nice to see Channel 19 suffer for their horrible pseudo-news programs.



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