Saturday, August 05, 2006

Homeless Grapevine Receives Honorable Mention

The Homeless Grapevine was recently entered in the Knight-Batten competetition for innovations in journalism. 109* entries were considered, and many of the winners involved technological innovations in journalism, such as a database of Congressional votes, a website analyzing health news, and more.

The Grapevine's relentless and extensive coverage of Cleveland's panhandling ordinance received Honorable Mention from the Knight-Batten Advisory Board Judges. According to their website, our series, Can Cleveland Handle Panhandling? received a "pat on the back for [a] job well done." You can see the winners and other honorees online
  • here.

  • For more of our extensive coverage on panhandling, check out the Editorial in Issue 77 of The Homeless Grapevine, which has just hit Cleveland streets. Issue 77 also features our first-ever interview with a Cleveland mayor, Mayor Frank Jackson! Be sure to pick it up at the West Side Market, the Whispering Willow Coffee Bar on Madison & W.117th, or from any licensed vendor. Full press release coming soon! -Kevin

    *Number corrected. Originally, I believed that over 200 entries were submitted, but upon re-examination of J-Lab's website, I have revised this to reflect the correct number. -Kevin


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