Friday, December 23, 2005

What Happened to the Free Times?

This blog is dedicated to the Homeless Grapevine and to commenting on local media, so I was thinking what happened to the Cleveland Free Times? It looks nice, but there is no content to read. I always made sure to stop and pick up the Free Times for Roldo or Josh Greene or at least the small news/rumor items that were always interesting. Now, nothing. I do not look forward to picking up the paper. I miss Cindy Barber and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Chamberlain. I miss hearing the dirt on local politicians. I think that someone should be at every Cleveland City Council meeting or County meeting to get the inside scoop. I want some paper to publish those memos from stupid corporate radio stations. I want a paper that lists the golden parachutes offered by local companies. We all need a media outlet that will identify the hypocrisy of local politicians. The big question is: Can the print newspapers make a go of it in the age of the internet?

The blogs are great, but very few bloggers get paid to go to meetings, or to do actual investigations. Can the pornography and escort business sustain a paper to hire real reporters? With limited advertisement revenue, does competition improve the market or lead to a scroched earth with none of the paper's surviving?

I am sure that good content would drive the others out, and to the victor goes the spoils.



Blogger Daniella said...


Just came to your blog via BFD. I agree with you. The Free Times was a paper that brought out some pertinent stories valuable insight nad now it is nothing but ads and mild rehash copy.

Good post.

6:27 AM  

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