Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Latest Grapevine Prays for Change

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For Immediate Release: June 17, 2006

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Latest Grapevine Prays for Change

The latest salvo of social justice journalism has just been launched onto Cleveland streets: Issue 76 of The Homeless Grapevine is now available! Our front page describes a recent health care forum in which politicians listened to a litany of grievances against our stratified and fractured health system, and also applauds the outreach efforts of John Carroll University students in an article about the Labre Project.

Inside, readers will discover a scathing commentary about how Cuyahoga County is failing victims of domestic violence through paltry funding and a severe lack of appropriate shelter for women and children fleeing abusers.

Issue 76 also features the unveiling of a brand new community service: translating letters written in government-speak into understandable language. The contrast between the recent Office of Homeless Services's letter to the Mayor and reality is laid bare in this revealing piece.

Cleveland's Voice for Social Justice reaffirms its place as an essential community bullhorn for calling attention to the myriad problems of homelessness in this issue. Several letters were sent to Grapevine staff detailing a number of issues with the new management at Laura's Home, a program of theCity Mission. Shocking tales of intimidation, harassment, fear, and punitive discipline streamed in from ex-employees, a former director, and a resident. We responded by publishing their letters, and with our focused Editorial calling for reform.

Another one of our original commentaries describes how the pathetically low federal minimum wage is encouraging undocumented immigrants to stream across the border for employment, and discouraging most Americans from taking those jobs. The commentary describes an innovative concept called the universal living wage which ties the federal minimum wage to the local cost of housing.

As always, Northeast Ohio's Street Newspaper has much more, including original poetry, like the recent winners of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless' s Poetry Contest who are featured in our center pages. Don't miss our original feature articles, photographs, commentaries, state and local updates, and more! Pick up Issue 76 of The Homeless Grapevine at the West Side Market, the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless office, or from any licensed vendor.


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