Monday, July 10, 2006

The British Have Taken WCPN

Does the BBC Think that They Own the World???

I have to admit that I have a huge bias against British people throwing the King's English at me, and so I am very disturbed by the programming trends at WCPN. Maybe its because they still carry that silly concept of a King or the fact that we created this wonderful country after casting off English oppression, but I really can't stand listening to BBC or British announcers. I always feel like they are lecturing me. I know that it is not politically correct, but I can't get over it.

So WCPN has decided to catch the British wave and now has four national programs, and then that British and Irish local music show on Sunday. They have the BBC World Service overnight, a new program everyday at 1 pm called The World Have Your Say and then their 4 p.m show The World. Finally, on Sunday they have that annoying word game with the annoying and catchy name My Word. Which raises the question: Do these guys think that every news program with a British guy must have the word "world" in it?

We beat these guys, and now we have to be told how to look at the world by the British. I mean aren't there any Americans who can tell us about the world? Are we so hated in the rest of the world that no American can report on world news? Isn't there any labor news or poverty news that we could hear about that would be more relevant to Cleveland? How many British people are there in Cleveland that they need so much BBC news? They cancelled a show centered on news for the African American community for The World Have Your Say. The 1 p.m. slot has featured African American hosts for five or six years, and now we have some opinion show from around the world. Bring back News and Notes or some program about the problems in America's urban cities--public radio.



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