Wednesday, July 05, 2006

TV 5 Stages the News?

Cameraman Fined for Staging Flood Coverage

Here is proof that we need a media summit...Two weeks ago in Huron County, a Channel 5 cameraman was accused of asking young people to ride their bikes behind a reporter who was talking about flooded streets. Cameraman Gary Abrahamsen pleaded no contest because he said it would be too expensive to challenge the charge. Plus he was facing the words of the kids and two adults who witnessed Abrahamsen asking the kids to ride their bikes in the flooded street. Finally, the police and all of the viewers of Channel 5 saw the kids riding their bikes in the raging water, and thought where are these kid's parents?

This whole story is bunk. The female reporter had to be involved in setting up a good background for her report and at least should have been identified and charged. It may be too expensive to fight in court, but integrity is priceless. The only thing that you have in the business of news is your credibility, and so if this was a false allegation then Channel 5 had an obligation to fight the charge. Anyway, this is the reason we need a neutral party to pass judgment on violations of journalistic ethics. Someone needs to protect readers/viewers/and listeners from bogus news. There needs to be some disciplinary organization for journalists so that we can have some confidence in the information that we are receiving. If there was a neutral third party they could investigate the charges, and the station and cameraman would be obligated to respond. A $145 fine for staging the news is pathetic for undermining the credibility of information exchanged over the public airwaves.



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